18K gold cross

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The face of 18k gold (75% Au) Guarantee, Design and manufacture on 3D machine, 1-year warranty, Face of the Cross according to the requirements suitable to wear Italian gold chain

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The face of Jesus Christ


Jewelry You And I


Gold 18k (75%Au)


1.5 gold thread




Cross face manipulated on 3D machine


1 year




Nationwide – Secure Payment

Mua ngay Gọi điện xác nhận và giao hàng tận nơi

18K gold cross

Product type: The Cross Jesus Christ is God and died on the Cross for us

Golden Cross face

Brand: Jewelry Me And Me

Crafting: The Cross of Jesus – Christ

Gold type: 18K Gold (75% Au)

– Gold weight: 1.5 only

– Yellow: Yellow

1 year warranty

Scope of sale: Delivery nationwide

Secure payment.

You can order as required

Image: 18K wine rack, male pendant, male necklace


Mặt Thánh Giá Vàng 75%Au thiết kế và chế các theo yêu cầuFace of the Golden Cross 75% Au design and fabricate the required

The cross face is about 18k images of Jesus Christ crucified on the Cross

Mặt Thánh giá thiết kế trên máy 3DFace of the Cross designed on 3D machine

Image: Design 18K gold cross face on 3D machine

Mặt Thánh Giá vàng 18k18K gold cross

Image: 18K wine rack, male pendant, male necklace

mat-thanh-gia-vang-18k (2)

Image: 18K wine rack, male pendant, male necklace

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Processing and creating the most advanced machine wax in the world today. EMBROIDERY AND ME COMPANY LTD. Constantly updating technology
Making the latest jewelry, jewelries of countries such as: America, Italya, Japan … with the following criteria: “JEWELRY AND ME – GIVE THE PRIVATE RELEASE WITH YOU”
Wishing for customers to own the products of Nam Nam Jewelry with fine lines and 100% original models, and you can also draw your own ideas on paper and we will help you with Jewelry products of your own will advise you to choose natural gemstones according to your destiny.

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Đánh giá 18K gold cross
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