18K gold belt

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Beautiful 18k gold waistband Crafted on 3D machine New technology. Attached to the star-studded Ruby stone, 1-year warranty of Golden Horse-Waist Belt, For Vietnamese businessmen

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Western gold belt


Jewelry You And I


Gold 18k (75%Au)


35 gold thread




Natural Star Ruby (Natural Star Ruby)




Luc Yen – Yen Bai – Vietnam




1 year




Nationwide – Secure Payment

Mua ngay Gọi điện xác nhận và giao hàng tận nơi

18K gold belt

Crafted at the request of businessman Ngo’s age (Horse age) With his own unique type of ideas.

Western gold belts with gems

Entrepreneurs are a type of Vest that goes along with leather belt, brand belts, now we would like to introduce the western gold 18k waistband with gemstones or belts with natural diamonds. Yellow caravat clamp, engraved name, to promote your brand when trading.

Product type: Gold belt set on request

Brand: Jewelry Me And Me

Crafted type: Design and craft 18K gold belt according to the owner’s Horse age.

Gold type: 18K Gold (75% Au)

– Gold weight: 35 only

– Yellow: Yellow

Stone type: Natural Ruby gemstone (Natural Star Ruby)

– Number of stones: 01 Vien

– Stone color: Red purple

– Stone purity: Frosted opaque

– Stone manipulation type: Oval / Cabochon

– Effects: Why naturally when light is illuminating, why six wings move according to light.

1 year warranty

Scope of sale: Delivery nationwide

Secure payment.

You can put a 10k gold belt (4.6% Au), 12k gold lettering belt, 14k white gold belt or 588.5% Au. 18K yellow gold belt with white dragon. Place the gold belt face as required

Mặt thắt lưng vàng 18k, Thiết kế trên công nghệ máy 3D, Mặt thắt lương tuổi ngựa

18K gold belts, Design on 3D machine technology, Horse belt

Image: 18K gold waistband, western gold waistband There is a gold guarantee paper, to guarantee customers to own branded products: Jewelry Me and I are luxurious and prestigious.

You need advice with them: 0914951535

Email: chetactrangsuc3d.com@gmail.com



Processing and creating the most advanced machine wax in the world today. EMBROIDERY AND ME COMPANY LTD. Constantly updating technology
Making the latest jewelry and jewelries of countries such as: America, Italya, Japan … with the following criteria:

Wishing for customers to own the products of Nam Nam Jewelry with fine lines and 100% original models, and you can also draw your own ideas on paper and we will help you with Jewelry products of your own will advise you to choose natural gemstones according to your destiny.

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